About Adam

‘The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.’

Auguste Rodin

I am a self-taught Mixed Media Artist, Curator and Poet based out of Make Space Studios near London’s Waterloo Station. My passion for photography has evolved into a multifaceted incorporation of many and varied mediums into my artistic process. With the exploration of new mediums and processes I strive to accentuate the depth and impact of my visual story telling.

With a personal history expansive in content, I utilise past experiences to create poignant and often haunting art works and poetry. Creating a body of work exploring such themes as loss and death, identity, memory and the fragile nature of human connection.

My most recent book ‘Tales From Isolation’ consists of a collection of 21 thoughts, poems, diary excerpts and images by contributors from around the world, written while in isolation and lock-down.

My integral belief as an artist is that of metamorphosis of thought through imagination, if you open the mind of an observer with the art you create, then you engender space for different ways of being and thinking.

‘Artistic creation and expression to me is almost a path of spiritual progression, I want to use all available mediums to connect with others and to create something meaningful and true.’

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