After Exhibition Glow

15-04-2017 The After Glow - End Of Lumen Exhibition

As the post exhibition glow begins to fade and the unsold pieces have been removed and stored, I’m left with a renewed vigour and cheerful exuberance for the photographic art form and my body of work in general.

There is something to be said for exhibiting your creations. Its like birthing a baby into the world, to awaiting family, friends and the harsh glare of the fluorescent lights in the deliver room. Except this baby doesn’t cry or scream but hangs in solemnity, hopefully using more subtle forms to communicate with its observers.

The whole process for me was one of great enjoyment, inter-sped with frustration, nervousness and jubilation. My knowledge of the undertaking greatly improved and the routes to its desired outcome fine tuned and rewritten. It was a very successful endeavour, my work received praise which, although uncomfortable to hear I accepted and appreciated. I sold a piece and am grateful for that opportunity and the knowledge that somebody will be appreciating a small part of my creative being.

The best news was being invited to exhibit a larger piece at the Threads exhibition in Edinburgh this coming July. I have felt a creative rebirth through this experience, my energies have been stimulated to take new and interesting paths and I look forward to the challenges ahead.

Thank you to all who attended the Lumen Exhibition and to all who continue to support me from afar.