Dear Frida

Dear Frida

You have long left this world
to its troubles and strife,
and while injustice runs wild
as through much of your life.
A letter I felt,
I must write to you.
Through your work and your strength,
you’ve inspired me to.
Stand and face my demons
and the pains of the past.
Take brush and paint my truth
as the hurt it will not last.
Exposing the internal,
creating light from deepest dark.
Shining rays on all my secrets,
tell my story in paints mark.

Dearest Frida,
I have never met you,
but I feel that I do know,
that place of sorrow,
from whence you came,
And the tears that helped you grow.
For lifes designs were plenty,
yet all were not of gold.
You’ve inspired me to bare my soul,
to be vunerable yet bold.

So thank you my dear Frida,
for your short life full of beauty.
I will raise you standard high and proud,
for I feel this is my duty.

By Adam Lucy

Written and Performed at the ‘All Can Be Frida’ exhibition at Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch on 23/08/2018