Facing Truths – Richard Mosse and Incoming

02-04-2017 Richard Mosse - Incoming

I recently paid an eye opening visit to the curve gallery in London’s Brutalist Barbican Centre. The Barbican is playing host to Deutsche Borse Photography Prize winner Richard Mosse and his dark and sombre video creation centred on the refugee crisis in the Aegean Sea and around the Mediterranean. It’s filmed entirely on high specification thermographic weapons and border imaging technology never originally intended for such an artistic purpose. His film fully exposes the gloomy conditions, situations and melancholic atmosphere that refugees fleeing war, persecution and terror currently find themselves exposed to when arriving in Europe.

The footage is accompanied by a soundtrack created by Ben Frost which overwhelmingly heightens the viewers intense  experience, the refugees are paradoxically dehumanised by the equipments ‘film negative imagery’ and yet when singled out by the camera all too human in their emotive movements and actions.

Its a heavy hitting exhibition,  I spent a full 30 mins watching the 3 huge screens and you will want to take some time out after to process what you’ve seen.