New Book Out Now – An Altered State Of Being

Sooooo my first poetry anthology is out and available to buy on Amazon. It’s been a bit of a labour of love and it would mean a lot if you lot want to buy it! It’s £8.25 which is as low as I could get it with printing costs and Amazon’s chunk. If you like it leave a little review as it helps.

The blurb is as follows:

“In this intimate and vital anthology formed of 3 chapbooks, Adam Lucy explores the depths of a deep personal grief caused by sudden unexpected death in Chapbook One. We are taken on a journey highlighting the unease engendered by current events and the breakdown of the social contract in Chapbook Two and entertained to a smorgasbord of verse and insight in Chapbook Three.

The collection culminates in the poignant ‘Human Condition’ a request from the artist to unite and remember our shared bond.”

Buy from Amazon by clicking on this link An Altered State Of Being