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That moment when I capture a unique snap shot of life, whether it be a smile caught, people revelling in their surroundings or a fleeting glimpse of beauty found in something mundane. My Photography allows me to share that moment and hopefully ellicit the emotions I felt at the time.


Self taught and always trying new processes and angles, shooting at that magic hour just before dusk allows me to use a warm natural light to illuminate the subject. It’s simply sometimes being in the right place at the right time. Street and life Photography being my passion, unposed, unscripted and sometimes raw anything can happen and often does.


With my portraiture I try to bring that same work ethic, a good portrait photograph for me is spontaneous and shows the real emotion and inner beauty of the subject. I tend to shy away from the over use of photoshop and other editing processes, imperfections are a part of one’s beauty and they contribute to the uniqueness of the individual.


As well as photography my passion extends to painting, be it painting portraits or abstract images straight from my head.


-Adam Lucy

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