Reflecting on Illusions

Reflecting on Illusions 26/09/2017

September saw my third group exhibition this year with a broad theme based around the concept of Illusions. Illusions to me conjured up many different avenues to explore, but I went with the illusion of truth, specifically the illusion of connectivity via social media. I created the beginnings of a series titled ‘Postcards From The Edge’ and produced two pieces ‘Alone in London’ and ‘Drunk In Berlin’ which you can see below.

Postcards From The Edge - Alone In London
Postcards From The Edge - Drunk in Berlin

Response to the work was positive, viewers tended to see themselves in the pieces or relate it to some of their experiences of social media. The direction this theme took me highlighted  that I wish to explore further issues of social injustice, connectivity and alienation. Also the effects of modern technologically obsessed society on the individual and mental health. Off shoots of this path have also opened up questions on identity and history.

This exhibition has also taught me a number of lessons that I can take forward into future shows.

  • Detail is important – From the type of paper used to print my work, to the colour, size and material used to frame it. All these things accentuate the piece and contribute to its over all success.
  • Selling isn’t everything – Of course as an artist I appreciate when a work is sold, but it is not the be all and end all of my process. The sheer fact the public was able to see the work, ingest its meaning and context and react to it was a great pay off.
  • Collaboration and conversation matter – I am not one to make work in a darkened room, locked away from the world. This exhibition has proved to me that talking to other artists about my work and listening to their advice and comments, is invaluable to refining my vision.

Showing with other artists and experiencing their work is always a pleasure, it spurs me to create more and to better myself and my practice. I will be taking part in another show next March at the Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch. Until then I have plenty of projects to sink my teeth into.