St Johns Street – Lumen Exhibition Review

Online Newspaper Review - 05-07-2017

Online Newspaper St Johns Street reviewed the Lumen Exhibition at Espacio Gallery stating:

“Among the photographers who best excelled at composing images by just observing the surrounding elements of his environment was Adam Lucy.

In his The Carwash King, the use of radiant light almost introduces the viewer to a metaphorical stage whose main performer is a man gazing far away in the distance. With hands wedged into his pockets, the observer looks impatient to change his monotonous daily routine.

It’s also typical for Adam to look for posters and signposts with catchy phrases while composing the shots. Then he waits for strangers to pass by and complement the words with their facial expression or posture, for instance. Rejecting the heavy digital manipulation and relying on soft natural colours, he has a superb talent for discovering – and illustrating – real-world stories.”

Atina Dimitrova – St Johns Street 05-07-2017