Tamsin Spargo

Artist statement:

Tamsin Spargo lives and works in London. She studied Fine Art and Critical Theory at Middlesex University and is currently a postgraduate Fine Art student at London Metropolitan University. Her work includes drawing, writing, and sonic art, and has been exhibited and sold internationally.


Work statement:

Tamsin Spargo’s work is an exploration of time and the process and act of drawing. Her work functions as a record of a period of time and of her existence and movements within that period of time. Her works strive for ambiguity and gesture, hinting at the artist’s own physicality and patterns of motion.

The UK going into lockdown when she was six months into a postgraduate degree in Fine Art meant that Spargo lost access to her studio space. The themes of time and existence became more pertinent than ever but the abrupt change to an inappropriate workspace at home necessitated the identification of new ways of working.

Drawing as lightly as possible for fixed periods of time was both a practical consideration but also channelled the realities of life in lockdown – endless hours with very little to show for it, a sense of everything being diluted, and a hopeless feeling of futility. With limited access to new materials during the months of lockdown, these drawings also make use of found surfaces such as envelopes and paper bags.

Links to websites and Instagram

Website: tamsinspargo.wix.com/tamsinspargo

Instagram: @tamsinspargo

Times Like These Exhibition

There’s little normal about the ’new normal’.  What seemed important in March maybe doesn’t seem so vital now.  What was taken for granted is now recognised and valued.
In this show, members of the  ‘The Artists Pool’ give a personal response to finding their lives turned upside down by lockdown.  When the rushing abruptly ceased, all routines fell out of the window and living in the present became the only option, what assumed value?  Combining new ideas developed during the lockdown with older works that resonate once more, this diverse and intriguing exhibition encourages the viewer to explore their own response and contemplate the losses and precious moments that form their own experience of these extraordinary times.



20 OCT – 25 OCT 2020

Tue – Sat: 1 – 7pm | Sun: 1 – 5pm


Tues 20 Oct 2020 | 6 – 9pm (Admission free, no RSVP needed)


159 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG

The year 2020 will forever be synonymous with plague. A year when COVID-19 swept the planet and caused one of the biggest periods of lockdown and worldwide isolation we have ever seen. Whole swaths of the planetary population were instructed to stay at home, banned from meeting friends and family and unable to hug or touch those they love. The Art Of Isolation Exhibition is inspired by the Tales From Isolation Book Project and is a chance to show work created during this unprecedented time, to share artistic thoughts, feelings and inspirations on the period of isolation and around this planetary shared experience. Open to artists of all experience levels.


Please read the guidelines and apply at the bottom of the page.


  • Theme of works created over the period of the pandemic.
  • Artists from all nationalities, backgrounds and of all styles are welcome to apply.
  • For artists residing outside of the UK, only prints will be accepted.
  • Artworks can be 2D or 3D (painting, photography, illustration, design, mosaic, tapestry, sculptures, ceramics, mix-media, etc).
  • All works must be well presented. Prints and paper work must be suitably framed (protected with glass or plexiglass). No metal or clips frames are permitted. 
  • The gallery uses a hanging system, D-rings should be fitted on the back of frame/canvas about 7-10cm from the top. Frames/canvas without D-rings will not be accepted.
  • Maximum width of each single wall mounted art work 70cm.
  • If you submit two works they must be part of a cohesive series.
  • *Only submit images that if selected can meet the requirements above.


FREE Submission Max 2 wall pieces (paintings, photographs, illustrations, etc), Max 1 piece of sculpture.

Only the artists who get selected for the exhibition will be asked to pay the participation fee in order to cover the expenses.

For 2D artworks (paintings, photographs, illustrations, etc) & 3D artworks (sculptures) Participation fee is a flat fee of £50 per selected artist.

*The number of works to be selected and exhibited will depend on the size of each work. Please consider the size of your artwork before applying. Artists will be asked when they submit for overall sizes of work.

Participation Fee Includes

  • Exhibition space
  • Curating and organizing the exhibition
  • Digital Catalogue – Includes a short bio/artist statement, image of the artists’ works and portfolio links (part of this website)
  • Print material (flyers, labels, posters)
  • Marketing and promotion (distribution of flyers, social media, art websites, etc)
  • Private View (wine, juice, water, bartender)
  • Pictures of the artists’ work in the venue to document the event


All submissions will be reviewed and the works for the exhibition will be selected by the curator: Adam Lucy. Also, artworks can be selected before the deadline.

Please note that the decisions are final and we are unable to offer feedback.


Only the selected artists will receive an invoice by email and will have 3 days after selection to pay the participation fee and secure their spot. Payments can be made though bank deposit or PayPal (for PayPal payments there will be a 4% added cost due to PayPal fees).

*International Artists will have to send extra fees for the hanging service.


After being selected and making the deposit, the artists will be part of the show and we will hold their spaces. If an artist fails to attend or cancel close to the date, it is nearly impossible for us to schedule another artist in their place. If a personal emergency occurs, you have the following options: find another artist to take your place or cancel your participation.

If you cancel your participation there are NO REFUNDS (but substitutions are allowed).


In order to have a dynamic and engaging event, we ask for the artists to get involved as much as they can. For that reason we will be offering the following opportunities:

  1. Invigilation – Spend one afternoon at the gallery keeping an eye on things, taking care of the gallery and engaging with the audience. An invigilation roster will be sent out closer to the time of the exhibition for those who wish to take part. It is often a great part of the process to meet members of the public and experience gallery life. The exhibition curator Adam Lucy will be present most days to answer any questions you may have.


  • Open for submission: 15th August 2020
  • Submission Deadline: 05th September 2020 (till 23:59)
  • Selection Notification: 06 – 10th September 2020
  • Payment for the Selected Artists: 06 – 15th September 2020
  • Delivery of Selected Artworks and Hanging Day: Sunday 18th ( 5pm to 8pm) and Monday 19th October 2020 (from 10am to 12pm)
  • Exhibition Starts: Tuesday 20th October 2020  (Tue- Sat: 1 – 7pm | Sun: 1 – 5pm)
  • Private View: Tuesday 20th October 2020 (6 – 9pm)
  • Exhibition Ends: Sunday 25th October 2020
  • Collection of unsold work: Sunday 25th October 2020 (from 5 – 7pm)


  • Successfully selected works will have to be delivered to the gallery on Sunday 18th October 2020 (from 5 – 8pm) or Monday 19th October (10am to 12pm)by the artist or sent by courier at the artist’s expense.
  • Every artist is responsible for hanging their own work (2D) or arranging the display (3D). We will teach and help you do it. If the artist is sending work by courier get in contact to discuss hanging fees.
  • Packaging from delivered works cannot be retained and must be taken away with the artists.
  • We are unable to wrap works or provide wrapping materials.
  • The collection of unsold work is on Sunday 25th October 2020 (from 5 – 7pm)
  • Any work uncollected on the specified collection date/s will be stored at a separate location and the artist will be charged £10/day storage fee.


There will be a 10% commission on any artworks sold and payment can be taken via card or cash.


The gallery does not provide insurance; artists will have to insure their individual work.


For artists residing outside of the UK, only prints will be accepted. Please get in contact to discuss hanging fees.

Artists that are not able to deliver their artwork personally should use a reliable courier. We do not accept any liability for their services.


Click below to submit your pictures, sizes and details via email. Thanks.

  • Your name.
  • Please send clear images of submitted works this helps the curator make an accurate decision regarding selection
  • Height and width specifications
  • Medium ie: Photography, acrylic paint, mixed media, sculpture etc
  • Email to: TAOIExhibition2020@gmail.com

Covid 19 Public Service Announcement Series – Collage

Inspired by the current Covid 19 pandemic and the lockdown measures that have been implemented. This series of work draws on elements of the surreal cut from various publications and arranged into a public service announcement to highlight the continued flouting of lockdown rules. The numbers in each piece refers to the number of deaths that day in the United Kingdom.

The medium was chosen due to its flexibility and the ability to created fantastical scenes from various magazines and journals. I am currently self isolating due to the pandemic and being able to create fantasy scenes while confined to my home has been both cathartic and emotional.

Day 2 of 14 – Self Isolation

Due to prolonged exposure to somebody displaying symptoms of Coronavirus I took the guidance to self-isolate for 14 days. I thought I’d document my days in video form with a daily video diary.

Framing Matters

I’ll often visit exhibitions of emerging artists and see some extremely creative and powerful pieces of work. These images, paintings, prints can often however be let down by substandard framing, frames with marks and dirt or mounts that don’t compliment the work. For me as an emerging artist the framing of the piece is nearly important as the piece itself. The frame and mount is an extension to the work we have spent days, weeks or months producing and for those aiming to sell their work it is very important to get this right. I’ve put together a few handy tips when getting your work framed and choosing the right mount.

  • What is the theme of the piece?

It is really important when framing a photographic print to think about what the image is conveying and to find a suitable frame to accentuate that. For instance a black and white print of say an industrial scene would not go well with an unpainted brown wooden frame. The contrast can work for an artist by highlighting the difference in colour and texture but this is difficult to achieve effectively if purposefully pursued. Take for instance the framing of these pieces below from my Sentinel series for the F-Stop exhibition at Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch. I specifically chose a dark metal frame with a rough texture to compliment the content of the images, the metal frame becomes an external manifestation of the metal pylons, the large white boarder forcing the viewer to move inwards to scrutinise the image.

And this piece Below ‘Homage to Duality’ for All Can Be Frida at the Espacio. The work incorporated texture and cloth, the linen of the shirt I wore and blanket fashioned into a skirt. I wanted to bring this texture and cloth substance to the framing so specifically requested a linen mounted boarder and earthy wooden frame to compliment the floral and herbal content.

  • What is your budget?

Quality framing doesn’t always have to cost the earth, you can purchase vintage second hand frames, order from the internet or buy from a store and if you know the right framer they will be happy to frame the artwork for you for a small fee. I specifically use Hawkins Framing on Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, they are friendly and very helpful when choosing a frame, glass and mount. For my first exhibition I attempted to mount and frame the work myself, buying frames online and then fitting the work in my kitchen. This was certainly an experience I don’t wish to repeat, after framing and un-framing each piece (there were 4) 4 times and still seeing particles of dust on the black mounts I vowed never to do it myself again! Employing a framer is a little more expense but something which will definitely pay off in the long run with the presentation of your work and reduced stress. Plus if you build up a good relationship they will often offer discounts etc.

Ultimately framing does matter, you have spent valuable time and money on creating your art pieces so remember to present them well!