Nadia Zuberi

Artist statement:

In 2005 graduated from LIPA with a BA in Theatre and Performance Design. After working in costume I decided to retrain as an art teacher, and in the process, rediscovered my love of creating Art. These days I would describe myself as a creative Jack-of-all-trades, exploring my creative process through multiple artistic disciplines.


Work statement:

Designing and making for theatre and costume always required a certain amount of inventiveness and imagination. My artistic background has always led me to be curious about the possibilities and outcomes of various materials and techniques. I find I get bored easily only working in one way, or with only one media.

Working in costume also helped develop a love of fashion, collecting, observing small details, and art that tells a story. Over the past few years I have been creating art that reflects these interests alongside exploring themes around natural forms, repetition, documenting, and patterns.

During lockdown I began experimenting with using collage and found images to create surreal imagery from which to paint from. In particular I was thinking about the contrast between the gift of time and freedom afforded to us by having to stay at home, juxtaposed against the uncertainty and apprehension the pandemic was causing. In this piece the girl sits surrounded by things that should bring comfort or joy (pets, plants, a beautiful view), but yet somehow everything feels slightly wrong and out of place. She is centred but is separated from the rest of the painting having been almost completely supplanted by a bleak looking forest.

This is a new process for me that I am looking forward to exploring more.


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Tamsin Spargo

Artist statement:

Tamsin Spargo lives and works in London. She studied Fine Art and Critical Theory at Middlesex University and is currently a postgraduate Fine Art student at London Metropolitan University. Her work includes drawing, writing, and sonic art, and has been exhibited and sold internationally.


Work statement:

Tamsin Spargo’s work is an exploration of time and the process and act of drawing. Her work functions as a record of a period of time and of her existence and movements within that period of time. Her works strive for ambiguity and gesture, hinting at the artist’s own physicality and patterns of motion.

The UK going into lockdown when she was six months into a postgraduate degree in Fine Art meant that Spargo lost access to her studio space. The themes of time and existence became more pertinent than ever but the abrupt change to an inappropriate workspace at home necessitated the identification of new ways of working.

Drawing as lightly as possible for fixed periods of time was both a practical consideration but also channelled the realities of life in lockdown – endless hours with very little to show for it, a sense of everything being diluted, and a hopeless feeling of futility. With limited access to new materials during the months of lockdown, these drawings also make use of found surfaces such as envelopes and paper bags.

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Silvano Maxia

Silvano Maxia

Artist statement:

Silvano Maxia expresses his personality and thoughts through his colourful collages, unique in its kind, which are inspired by personal and social events with a strong influence that comes from different cultures and traditions that are part of his daily life.


Work statement:

During the Covid-19 pandemic I have observed how people put their personal touch and expressed themselves through their face masks, you can tell a lot about each person’s personal taste, fashion sense and a lot about their personality. By not being able to show all of their face, people are also expressing their opinion on the pandemic by the way they wear it, or by not wearing it at all. Most have embraced the new “accessory” by personalising it and making it a fashion statement.



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Chris Pig

Chris Pig

Artist statement:

I am a self taught photographer. I am originally from Italy but I have lived in London since the early ‘90s. I have grown up around cameras so it felt just natural to express myself from behind a lens. I am very fond of colours, shapes and that is reflected in the work that I produce. I am a bit of an introvert so I let my camera do the talking for me.

Work statement:

“Isolation Portraits” is a project developed while in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the planet in 2020.

Isolation: time to think and rethink, time to reflect and to put things into perspective. With the absence of most of the inputs we were used to, everything has a more personal and intimate feel. Time to face our fears and visualise them in a different way. Time to express our more intimate thoughts. Our personal world, space and habits were turned upside down, social scales were upturned, values changed. Lost feelings were found and solitude gave an insight into ourselves, our inner fears and strength. We were suddenly forced to live differently and a lot of social fluff was taken away overnight leaving us with a clear view of our own reality. Each portrait tackles a different social or personal issue as well as expresses my personal opinions visually rather than in words.


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Thanks For The Freedom – Artwork

Thanks For The Freedom!

What do we chose to do with ‘freedom’ and are we actually ever really free? I created this work in response to the fragility of the freedoms we supposedly are presented with. The ability to overlook injustice and to buy in to a system of material trinkets and baubles while others are repressed.

I’ve been experimenting with collage for the last 2 months the ability to draw material from magazines and books and create something completely different is of great interest to me. A subverting of the original intention. I enjoy working with themes of a political and social commentary nature, I think it’s even more important at present to highlight those things people may not want to accept.

Collage: Paper, Acrylic, Gesso on Linen board

Size: 40cm by 40 CM

Covid 19 Public Service Announcement Series – Collage

Inspired by the current Covid 19 pandemic and the lockdown measures that have been implemented. This series of work draws on elements of the surreal cut from various publications and arranged into a public service announcement to highlight the continued flouting of lockdown rules. The numbers in each piece refers to the number of deaths that day in the United Kingdom.

The medium was chosen due to its flexibility and the ability to created fantastical scenes from various magazines and journals. I am currently self isolating due to the pandemic and being able to create fantasy scenes while confined to my home has been both cathartic and emotional.

Day 2 of 14 – Self Isolation

Due to prolonged exposure to somebody displaying symptoms of Coronavirus I took the guidance to self-isolate for 14 days. I thought I’d document my days in video form with a daily video diary.

Human Condition Exhibition – Edinburgh

“For this exhibition artists explore the complexities of human existence. From the physical to the spiritual, from birth to death through growth and change, we all share the essentials of human experience yet our reactions to life events are as unique as our DNA.

In this show, each artist gives their response to the aspects of life most personal to them.  The result is a fascinating exploration of what makes us human: from the intimacy of portraiture to the wider contemplation of spirituality, the miracles of the human body and the challenges of sickness and loss and love.”

I will be exhibiting a Triptych To Memory, there will also be an artists talk and poetry evening.

Private View 17th October 6pm – 9pm


Artists Talk and Music

Saturday 19 October 12 – 2 pm 

Come and meet the artists, discuss their ideas, art discipline, passion and what the human condition means to them



24 October 6 – 8 pm

Adam Lucy

Speaking Your Truth 

Poetry and Open Mic Evening

Poetry is an integral part of Adams work and a major tool in his creative arsenal. Adam will share a selection of poems with you throughout the event and then open the floor for poets, spoken word and performance from the public. 

If you’ve not performed before we hope you’ll feel inspired be able to share your work. Speaking You Truth will be a safe space to show and share with others and enjoy the surrounding exhibition.

Refreshments served