The Resilient Self Exhibition


It’s one thing to present your art honestly to the world, it’s quite another to turn that gaze on yourself.  We live in the age of the ‘selfie,’ where reality can be pushed through endless filters until every hint of vulnerability is erased. In this show, all filters are removed as each artist presents an artwork that gives the viewer a glimpse of their authentic self.  

We’ve had to spend time with ourselves during lockdown, being in one space for a long period of time, forcing us to self reflect, to uncover, discover and explore new ways of expressing ourselves. This exhibition is about the Self, the resilient self.


Impressions Exhibition

27 August – 1 September 2019
Private View: Thursday 29 August 6-9pm

Most things in our hectic modern lives go unnoticed while only a few will leave a profound and lasting impression.

The exhibition explores how artists have used a variety of different media to convey the influence and Impressions left on their psyche by their subject matter.

Ronald Hernandez

Curated by Carlos de Lins

I will be exhibiting two ink paintings.