The American Dream?

A Beautiful Dream To Me, 09-03-2017 11:53pm

As you know I was invited to an exclusive preview of The American Dream – Pop to the present exhibition a couple of days ago. It was an early start 08:30am to be precise but what was on offer completely trumped the lack of sleep.

The exhibition was beautiful, wonderfully curated and with a great fluidity as you walked through the well proportioned spaces. Occasionally large sections of wall had been cut out to give tantalising glimpses of further contents on show. Each room or section contained a plethora of stunning screen prints and iconic imagery, Warhol, Raschenburg, Jasper Johns, Chuck Close, Keith Haring the list could go on and on, all massive beings within the art world.

It was such a pleasure getting to photograph and enjoy this exhibition in a space virtually devoid of people, as a regular at varied London exhibitions I can confirm its nigh on impossible to feel such solitude within a usually bustling domain. The lack of noise and ample space gave me plenty of time to absorb the works, their meaning and subtle, or not so subtle nuances.

I would recommend the show to anybody who loves the USA for all its faults, who loves art and the vibrant force of expression and ultimately who loves to be surrounded by beauty.

I’ve been blessed also to have two images featured on the British Museum website from this event and to be regrammed by them on Instagram, Links are in the publicity section.

Below are some of the shots taken.