The Deception Of Appearance

The Deception of Appearance 10-02-2017 11:37pm.

I never had a particular strong streak of self confidence in my appearance. In fact I spent many years strongly disliking the way I thought I looked. I suffered some destructive tendencies and developed Body Dysmorphia, which meant sometimes what I see when I look in the mirror bears no resemblance to what’s actually there. It’s definitely not as prevalent as it was but none the less it’s still part of my life. With a society that promotes the antithesis of beauty as being, chisled, perfectly formed and unblemished it’s a hard ideal for anybody to live up too.

I’ve been feeling of late the need as an artist to explore those issues that plagued me as a child, teenager and adult and which niggle at me still. My looks, appearance and outward facing being are up for scrutiny.

I very rarely take selfies and when I do I’m usually protected by the shield of my camera, If it’s artistic there’s never really any need to delve deeper than the aesthetic appeal of the image and I can safely be bypassed. This view has led me to consider a new project, a project of photographic self portraits without my protective nikon. In what context and how many I do not yet know, but my aim is to find a little more acceptance for what so many years has unsettled me.