The Heroine Series

This was my first real foray into reportage style photography. The series came to fruition after a trip to Greece where I spent some time with a good friend and her son. They were experiencing a tumultuous period regarding the absence of her partner (as mentioned in the artists statement below). It was not my original intention to create this series and only after returning back home did I realise that there was a tangible story within the images.

When I returned to London I was approached by the curator of the Threads exhibition, Renee Rilexie, who inquired whether I had work I wished to show for the exhibition, specifically relating to women as it coincided with Women’s History Month. The series was perfect and I submitted the work.


An absent partner self-removed while battling addiction, acutely felt loss and a mother’s burning love for her child. This true short series encapsulates the stretched threads that bind us and the unbreakable bond between mother and child.

Absence, Sustenance, Hope.


As a cohesive body of work I am more than happy with this series and the feedback received throughout the exhibition. It was a privilege to be able to document a subject of great intimacy and emotion.

All the work is available to purchase and for further exhibitions. For all enquiries please email .